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  1. Lax'wana7(White name: Allen) January 9, 2017 — 10:35 am

    Can the descendants of the original colonizers inherit their guilt?

    They weren’t the ones who introduced the various sicknesses that destroyed the majority of us initially. They weren’t the ones who took children from their homes and placed them into residential school. They have as much power to effect their Governments actions as we do on an individual level…

    Because the Canadian government has no money, as a collective, we natives are accepting the forced collection money(Equivalent to a persons time) and the further indebting of future generations(including our children). We’re 600 Billion in the hole and if we all payed $17,000.00(children and the dying included) we’d only pay off our current debt because everyday another 71 Million is added because of our Governments expenses.

    We’re not the only ones who have moral claims to reconciliation from the Canadian government. Demanding reconciliation from an immoral entity like the Canadian Government is to accept its continued initiation of force on everyone.

    If one day the Government can’t borrow money it will be forced to cut expenses. Perhaps Welfare, Band Office funding, Healthcare or education dollars. From my perspective the true enemy is and has been always been the Government and the clock is ticking.

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