Land Claims, Reconciliation and Resurgence


National Native title Conference – Darwin, Australia
Thursday, 2 June 2016

The presentation details the shortcomings of land claims processes and the limitations of “reconciliation” in Canada as a framework for advocating for justice and decolonizing the relationship between Indigenous peoples and the state. It outlines an alternative vision and set of strategic objectives of struggle that have emerged in response, framed as Indigenous Resurgence, which focus on restoring Indigenous presences on the land and water, reinvigorating language and traditional cultural practices, and strengthening Indigenous nationhood through the decolonization of family and inter-personal relationships.

Land Claims, Reconciliation, and the Resurgence of Indigenous Nationhood

The Failure of Reconciliation

Conférence du professeur Taiaiake Alfred (Université de Victoria, BC) prononcée dans le cadre du colloque “Civic Freedom in an Age of Diversity : James Tully’s Public Philosophy” qui s’est tenu du 24 au 26 avril 2014 à l’Université du Québec à Montréal.

The Idea of the Noble Savage

In 2000 I co-wrote and hosted a radio documentary with Michael Enright called, The Idea of the Noble Savage: Images of Aboriginal Peoples from Columbus to the Present. The documentary was a combination of lecture, conversation, interviews, and dramatization, and it aired over three days on CBC’s national radio show, This Morning. It explored the concept of the Noble Savage from its origins in Western culture through to the contemporary uses and misuses of images of Indigenous people, bringing forward the important point that Canadian society has yet to understand and relate to authentic representations of Indigeneity, and continues to constuct false images of Indigenous people and use those falsehoods to support its colonial goals in relation to our identities and lands.

I think it is still relevant…