Statement on Leaving Academia

Shé:kon –

I have listened carefully to those who have criticized me and my work, and I have taken their messages to heart. My former partner, friends, and mentors such as Lee Maracle and Graham Smith have helped me understand the ways I embodied toxic masculinity and how I did wrong and harmed people because of it. I know that even as an Indigenous man who has battled against racism and colonialism, I carry old and harmful ways of thinking. I am grateful for folx who have awakened me to this fact and who are guiding me in the right direction. I am committed to doing better and recommitted to making positive contributions to the decolonization movement and the resurgence of Indigenous nations. I left academia because this work needs to be done in the context of my family and community, where it matters most. To everyone who has been impacted by my work as a scholar and a leader, I want you to know  that I’m here, I’m listening and I am accountable.

Skennen, Taiaiake.